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Protecting User Data In Kubernetes Clusters | David Safaii – Trilio


Trilio is a cloud-native data protection platform that offers end-users the ability to provide backup, disaster recovery, migration capabilities of an application or test dev environments for cloud-native applications. In this special edition of TFiR Let’s Talk for KubeCon EU, we hosted David Safaii, CEO – Trilio.

We started the discussion with the introduction of Trilio and then Safaii talked about what kind of challenges or problems companies run into when it comes to data protection and recovery and how Trilio helps them. We also talked about the factors that pose risk to critical data. Edge is becoming a fast-growing use-case for Kubernetes, but its very nature creates unique challenges for data protection, which are different from traditional data centers. What are those challenges and how does Trilio tackle them? We then switched topics and talked about the announcement Trilio is making at KubeCon EU. We concluded the discussion focusing on the kind of adoption it’s seeing for TVK (TrilioVault for Kubernetes).

[su_note note_color=”#000″ text_color=”#fff”]David Safaii is responsible for the strategic direction, operations, and growth of the company. Prior to leading Trilio, David founded and served as SVP of BurstPoint Networks. During his tenure with the company, he successfully raised venture funding, grew revenues, and exited with an acquisition by Avaya. [/su_note]

Trilio is a leader in cloud-native data protection for Kubernetes, OpenStack and Red Hat Virtualization environments. Its TrilioVault technology is trusted by cloud infrastructure operators and developers for backup and recovery, migration and application mobility.