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Provar Manager Helps Organize, Analyze And Optimize Testing In Salesforce And Beyond


Provar has announced the general availability of Provar Manager, the latest addition to the Provar Quality Cloud’s suite of offerings. Provar Manager is a 100% Salesforce-native test management solution that helps delivery teams organize, analyze and optimize all of their end-to-end and holistic testing activities, within Salesforce and beyond.

Provar Manager delivers a comprehensive set of capabilities for test planning, design and documentation. It manages the testing process from end-to-end, including holistic, manual, automated, unit and exploratory test result reporting. It is DevOps integration ready with a diversity of tech stacks, with reporting and analytics capabilities included.

Provar Manager helps individuals, small teams and enterprise quality assurance (QA) groups organize and get testing under control with a framework for organizing, documenting, storing and reporting on everything about tests. Provar Manager also provides a platform for integration with applications throughout the testing and development ecosystem.

Provar Manager also provides increased visibility of test results and quality metrics to improve analysis and provide a shared view of release quality across the organization. It helps teams fine-tune their testing process by providing the information needed to balance candidate release risk with the resources required to test appropriately, whether for one release or for all releases.

Provar Manager pulls together all test team activities in one place and enables quality results with speed for Salesforce delivery teams. Because it is native to Salesforce, Provar Manager delivers advantages to citizen testers familiar with the platform while meeting the more sophisticated requirements of QA managers. The familiar user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) brings benefits such as: flexibility and ease of navigation and customization, easy integration, central control and single source of truth:

Provar offers a free trial and test drive of Provar Manager, and free online training is also available. Click here for details.