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Pulumi Announces 2nd Annual Cloud Engineering Summit


Pulumi has announced the second annual Cloud Engineering Summit, to be held on October 20, 2021. A multi-vendor, community-driven event sponsored by AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud, GitHub, Bridgecrew, CircleCI, Codefresh, Honeycomb, NGINX and NS1, this day of learning for cloud practitioners focuses on best practices for building, deploying and managing modern cloud infrastructure.

The event will feature a keynote from Pulumi Founder and CEO Joe Duffy, leading into a day of talks and panels delivered by industry leaders and practitioners.

“The cloud engineering community is growing fast and blazing a new trail for how modern cloud applications and infrastructure are being built, deployed and managed,” said Joe Duffy, Founder and CEO of Pulumi. “We are excited to bring together developer and infrastructure practitioners and leaders for a day of genuine conversations about emerging best practices that can be used to tap into the potential of the modern cloud.”

Speakers at the Cloud Engineering Summit include:

Kelsey Hightower, Google Cloud
Emily Freeman, AWS
Liz Fong-Jones,
Fariba Khan, Apple
Kris NĂ³va, Twilio
Adora Nwodo, Microsoft
J. Paul Reed, Netflix
Stephen Van Gordon, Apple
Heidi Waterhouse, LaunchDarkly
Charles Xu, Snowflake