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Pulumi Deployments Enables Developers To Take Their Code To The Cloud Faster


Pulumi, an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) platform, has announced Pulumi Deployments, which lets developers and infrastructure teams use infrastructure as a competitive advantage, spinning up or updating existing cloud applications and infrastructure instantly with a Git commit, a click of a button in the Pulumi UI, or a call to the new Pulumi Deployments REST API.

Built atop Pulumi’s universal multi-language, multi-cloud IaC platform, Pulumi Deployments provides extensible building blocks that let users build any cloud infrastructure they can imagine.

Pulumi Deployments is a new Deployments-as-a-Service technology through which Pulumi fully manages the execution of infrastructure as code programs for users of the platform. Pulumi Deployments is powered by Pulumi Automation API. Pulumi usage data shows that Automation API, which also powers the Pulumi Kubernetes Operator and Pulumi GitHub Actions, lets organizations manage more than ten times the cloud infrastructure resources per engineer when compared to other infrastructure as code tools.

According to the company, Pulumi Deployments accelerates the productivity gains of Automation API, now delivered as a service. The full spectrum of over 100+ cloud providers and many industry-leading programming languages is supported on day one.

Key features available immediately include Deployments REST API gives programmatic access to the fully managed deployment service, driving and interacting with server-side deployments hosted in Pulumi’s cloud. Automation API support for Deployments surfaces this raw capability in rich libraries available in Pulumi’s supported languages, enabling full programmatic access in your language of choice. This enables Automation API programs running on the client to offload the execution of infrastructure as code programs to Pulumi’s fully-managed service.

Pulumi Deployments are exposed through the Deployments REST API, which allows developers to build custom platforms as a service with drift detection, sophisticated multi-stage orchestration and ephemeral code review environments, among many other scenarios.

Pulumi Deployments as a deployment option is available alongside CLI-driven deployments; through more than a dozen CI/CD integrations including GitHub, CircleCI and Jenkins; via the Pulumi Kubernetes Operator and through the Pulumi Automation API, which enables full programmatic control over the infrastructure lifecycle.

Pulumi Deployments is available in preview with general availability coming soon.