Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has named cloud engineering company Pulumi the Infrastructure-as-Code Product to Watch in 2022/23. The report noted that Pulumi, with 198% YoY growth in use in software development projects, has sharply outgrown Hashicorp Terraform (45%) and AWS CDK (43%). Pulumi adoption continues to accelerate, with more than 1M downloads per month and 350% year-over-year growth of its enterprise customers in the last 12 months.

The report also cited Pulumi’s strengths in native Kubernetes and Helm support, continuous compliance, increased developer productivity and consistency across languages and clouds. This is in addition to sharp growth in Hacker News posts, community Slack membership, Reddit posts, Stackoverflow questions, Python Library downloads, developer activity on GitHub and GitHub stars.

EMA Products to Watch in 2022/2023 address critical enterprise pain points in a new manner, enabling organizations to accelerate their digital transformation journey. The firm conducted product evaluations through six critical personas: software developers, IT operators, DevOps architects and engineers, site reliability engineers, data engineers, and data scientists.

Those chosen were identified based on the analysis of real-life projects, end-user feedback, product briefings, demos, and feedback from partners having observed the respective product in action.

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