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PumpGPT Helps Solve AWS Business Support Challenge


Cloud spend manager Pump has launched PumptGPT, the GPT-powered AI AWS support tool trained on a customer’s own cloud environment. Within just a few minutes of setting up, users can reduce AWS expenses across 12 key AWS services. Notably, Pump’s solution requires no access to code or engineering resources, operating with minimal permissions solely on cost data.

Spandana Nakka, CEO of Pump, commented: “Our mission has always been to use technology to democratize all aspects of AWS for our customers. First, we tackled spending, helping users save up to 60%. Now, we’re taking on support. With PumpGPT, quality AWS support should not be a luxury; it’s a given.”

PumpGPT, the in-house AWS expert and DevOps engineer, is now available 24/7 and completely free for end-users. Trained on AWS documentation and proficient in Python and Java, PumpGPT boasts a deep understanding of real-world cloud usage, enabling it to swiftly address any inquiries related to AWS services, billing, and architecture. It serves as a reliable knowledge base, offering precise and comprehensive answers, empowering users to make informed and cost-effective decisions based on their own unique AWS environment.

PumpGPT leverages advanced techniques such as deep prompt enrichment and domain-specific data integration to provide accurate and insightful responses while preventing misinformation. Users can dive up to eight levels deep in question threads for in-depth insights. Pump also bridges to human support by assisting users in filing support tickets when necessary.

PumpGPT is now available for all Pump’s customers.