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Puppet has updated its Enterprise platform to give infrastructure operations teams the flexibility to manage and automate more infrastructure and complex workflows in a simple yet powerful way.

Puppet Enterprise 2019.8 enables teams to access to more powerful orchestration capabilities with shared content from the Puppet Forge, pre-built patching automation for Windows and Linux systems, and greater flexibility to manage infrastructure using both imperative (work-flow based) and declarative (model-based) automation types, the company said.

With the latest release, you can now easily include existing Puppet code into your orchestration workflows. Using Code Manager, you can now optionally deploy code to versioned code directories rather than the live code directory. This change enables Puppet Server to continue serving catalog requests even as you deploy code, the company said.

Also, Puppet Enterprise 2019.8 enables to manage patches on nix and Windows nodes in the Patch Management section of the console. After setting up patching node groups, you can view the patch status for your nodes, filter available patches by type and operating system, and run a pre-filled task to apply patches to selected nodes from the Patches page.

Moreover, Permissions for the Puppet code directory are now managed by file sync directly, instead of relying on symlinks. This change improves security during code deployment, the company explained.

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