Puppet has announced the official launch of its Scaling DevOps Service, a consulting offering to advise businesses on how to organize and scale their DevOps practices to reduce toil and create organization-wide digital transformation.

Taking a people-centric approach to optimizing team interactions through agile and lean DevOps methodology, the service is built to empower organizations to realize the full value of their DevOps initiatives based on their teams, environments, context, practices and history.

“We know that for DevOps to be successful, structural change has to happen across a company. Our Scaling DevOps Service offering gives organizations the resources to overcome the common cultural and structural barriers that hinder the later stages of DevOps maturity, and delivers a digital enterprise architecture in a way that lays the groundwork for more ambitious, scalable services,” said Nigel Kersten, Field CTO of Puppet.

The Scaling DevOps Service includes DevOps coaching, DevOps evolutionary assessment, Toil reduction assessment and DevOps integration Service.

Puppet is continuing to invest and build out its services portfolio to deliver further needs of the Global 5000.

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