Purism’s Librem Server Is Now Generally Available


Purism has announced the general availability of Librem Server, its first enterprise offering to secure server environments for businesses.

Built by Purism’s enterprise solutions team, separate from the workforce creating Purism’s Librem 5 smartphone, Librem Server has already been successfully in use by established business customers for the past year that serve important clients such as Boeing, GE, NASA and Toyota.

Librem Server comes bundled with Pureboot, Purism’s complete secured boot process with a neutralized and disabled Intel Management Engine, coreboot BIOS replacement and BIOS, kernel and boot tamper detection.

Also, the hardware is said to be equipped with Purism’s very own USB security token, Librem Key, to provide the top level security. Integrated with Pureboot, customers can identify and monitor in-person or remotely when the server has been tampered with.

Business customers can choose from a variety of enterprise support packages that best suits their needs, the company added.