After stepping down from his leadership role over Python decision making in 2018 and rather switching to being an “ordinary core developer”, Guido van Rossum has now announced that he is stepping down from his current role at Dropbox.

The creator of the world’s most popular programming language was hired by Dropbox in December 2012. Guido is now officially retiring after spending more than six years with the company.

While handing over responsibilities to a Python Council last year, Guido mentioned: “I would like to remove myself entirely from the decision process. I’ll still be there for a while as an ordinary core dev, and I’ll still be available to mentor people — possibly more available. But I’m basically giving myself a permanent vacation from being BDFL, and you all will be on your own.”

He also hinted about not keeping good health, stating: “I”m not getting younger… (I’ll spare you the list of medical issues.)”

Though Guido is officially heading into retirement, his valuable contributions to Dropbox and the larger Python community will certainly be felt for years to come. In its Thank you note, Dropbox said that even though “he’s already stepped down from his fancifully named Benevolent Dictator for Life (BDFL) title, he will always have a spot in the Python community.”

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