Quali, a provider of infrastructure automation and management solutions, has announced enhancements to Torque, its comprehensive end-to-end infrastructure automation and orchestration platform. The new product updates improve security, minimize risk through automated actions and policies, and link infrastructure to business workflows to better control infrastructure health and usability and to support user and business needs.

Quali’s latest release of Torque gives organizations the ability to ensure adherence to security postures and compliance policies by automatically invoking security scans and health checks prior to deploying infrastructure, minimizing risks that could result from misconfigurations.

It also helps support existing Open Policy Agent (OPA) policies which are auto discovered and auto validated to ensure alignment with OPA and Torque’s requirements. Torque flags any policies that fail validation. Admins may pick and choose which policies to import, including both out-of-the box and existing custom policies.

The latest release of Torque helps automate approvals tied to OPA based policies by defining rule-based thresholds for automatic approval and denial of deployments. Tailor thresholds based on teams, user/roles and business needs by managing who is authorized to implement changes and updates to environments.

Quali helps businesses understand the infrastructure being used in a consistent, measurable way while accelerating infrastructure delivery speed, establishing accountability and mitigating risk to support planning and optimize the value delivered by software and infrastructure.

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