Quali, a provider of environments-as-a-service infrastructure automation and management solutions, has announced new features for its Torque platform that simplify and strengthen infrastructure governance and cloud cost management.

The Torque platform employs automation via governed self-service access while launching environments to enforce security, compliance and consumption policies governing the configuration and utilization of infrastructure combined with storage, compute and other elements necessary to build complete environments based on reusable blueprints.

“Quali is combating the exponential complexity of infrastructure that is challenging large enterprises,” said Edan Evantal, CTO of Quali. “Cloud costs and security concerns are front and center for these businesses today, but most can’t get a handle on what infrastructure exists within their organization, what it’s used for or even what is running at any given time. Torque gives them the tools to solve those problems, so they can manage costs and enforce governance more effectively across their organizations.”

Automating environment blueprints with Torque allows organizations to:

  • Visualize and understand all infrastructure assets and their purpose including Terraform files, Helm charts and Kubernetes manifests
  • Standardize configurations to ensure environment consistency seamlessly across the pipeline to mitigate security and compliance risks
  • Set consumption policies to specify regions, cloud providers and environment run time limits
  • Automate approval workflows with policy-based triggers for cost, duration, or blueprint to ensure environments are deployed in alignment with business priorities
  • Utilize both out-of-the-box automatic and custom tagging to provide business context around cloud resource consumption
  • Identify cloud waste including detached, inactive and overprovisioned instances, and immediately pause, right-size or tear down environments to realize immediate cost reductions
  • Visualize cloud resource consumption, reduction and spend via Torque’s unique cost dashboard and reporting
  • Manage cost and governance across multiple cloud providers including hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure scenarios
  • View actual environment costs based on cloud resources and company-specific cloud pricing agreements prior to launching environments
  • Manage drift detection and remediation across multiple cloud resources and update live environments

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