Quali, a provider of Environments-as-a-Service infrastructure automation and management solutions, has announced its membership in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and Linux Foundation to support the mission to drive adoption of cloud native technologies.

Quali enables the continuous delivery of application infrastructure at scale and operates across all major cloud providers, as well as major infrastructure types including containers and Kubernetes. It also embraces and extends K8S environments by associating container infrastructure with usage, cost, and business context to optimize and prioritize existing infrastructure investments.

CNCF is the open source, vendor-neutral hub of cloud native computing, hosting projects to make cloud native universal and sustainable. With 178,000 contributors and 141 projects across 187 countries, CNCF provides support, oversight and direction for cloud native projects, including Kubernetes, Envoy and Prometheus.

With Quali, IT managers and leaders understand the infrastructure being used in a consistent, measurable way without impacting development velocity.

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