Quark.ai has announced the listing of its Quark.ai Autonomous Customer Support app in the Zendesk Marketplace. The Quark.ai app now offers Zendesk’s more than 100,000 global customers the ability to interpret complex customer cases and automatically provide customer support resolutions with unrivaled accuracy and speed.

Quark.ai generates ROI in months for High-Tech and Industrial companies. Quark.ai’s Deep Learning platform, which needs no additional training and can also be used for auto-response, eliminates hours of document research that typically takes up half the time of customer support engineers.

Quark.ai automates customer support functions that are typically expensive, inefficient and manual. The submission of a customer support case automatically triggers Quark.ai, which interprets the support case and extracts resolutions from existing reference documents.

When a resolution has a high confidence score, Quark.ai automatically responds to the customer via Auto Response or takes corrective action (Auto Action) based on the content of the resolution. If even 10 – 20% of support cases are handled with Auto Response, it represents substantial savings to the company in terms of monetary expense and response time.

Add to that a typical 25% increase in support engineer productivity and the overall Customer Support performance improvement for companies can exceed 40%, the company explained.

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