On-demand platform and artificial intelligence (AI) firm Got It has launched Querychat for data warehouses such as Google BigQuery.

Claimed to be the first on-demand Expert Service Cloud for analytics, Querychat creates a scalable and elastic pool of analytics experts to add business intelligence (BI) team capacity for ad-hoc analytics on data warehouses and automatically delivers training data into a natural language processing (NLP) AI system.

Got It said it takes advantage of the advanced, full-sentence NLP in Google BERT, which is already pre-trained on a massive English corpus. Leveraging BERT transfer learning for NLP and the data exhaust from user-expert chat conversations to train Got It’s AI model, Querychat breaks the constraints of keyword search-based, auto-complete analytics built for old relational search architectures.

By only providing access to the data warehouse schema and not relinquishing control of or access to the data, companies can now ensure data privacy while avoiding the long installation and configuration time issues of other solutions.

In the initial phase, Querychat is supporting Google BigQuery cloud data warehouses carrying Google Analytics and Salesforce CRM data. The company plans to extend Querychat support to Azure Cloud Data Warehouse and other environments later this year.

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