Qumulo has announced the public launch of Qumulo on Azure as a Service (QaaS), a petabyte-scale file data management platform in the cloud delivered with the simplicity of a managed service.

Customers can now set up a petabyte-scale file data lake for data-intensive workloads such as video editorial, medical imaging, and AI driven analytics with the simplicity and flexibility of the Qumulo platform, combined with the scale and power of Microsoft Azure’s cloud resources.

Qumulo on Azure can scale to multiple petabytes in a single namespace, enabling high capacity compute workloads across any Windows, Mac, or Linux device. The new service also makes it simple to migrate petabytes of data quickly and build limitless file data lakes without rewriting or refactoring applications.

To give customers even more freedom, Qumulo’s native replication makes it easy for customers to move data from the cloud to on-prem, and the edge at no cost. The service also allows customers to easily move their data across private and public clouds, an increasingly critical business need as the volume of unstructured data outpaces organizations’ capacity to manage it.

Qumulo on Azure is now publicly accessible in the Azure Marketplace and is offered in a simple pay-per-use model.

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