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Rafay Kubernetes Operations Platform Now Includes A GPU Resource Dashboard


Rafay Systems has announced that Rafay Kubernetes Operations Platform (KOP) now features a fully integrated GPU Resource Dashboard that visualizes critical GPU metrics so developers and operations teams can seamlessly monitor, operate, and improve performance for GPU-based container workloads – all from one unified platform.

Rafay KOP provides enterprises and trusted external entities with a zero touch experience for automated and centralized aggregation of critical operational metrics for GPUs for the entire fleet of Kubernetes clusters. Rafay’s Zero-Trust Access Service with SSO integration enables seamless role-based access to ensure only authorized developers, external partners and operational personnel can gain secure access and visibility into GPU metrics from the console.

The new GPU Resource Dashboard that streamlines the orchestration of GPU-based container workloads has been fully integrated into the Rafay KOP and teams can take advantage of many additional benefits of the SaaS platform.

With Rafay KOP, organizations can now avoid spending months or years developing a custom platform just to provision and manage GPU-enabled Kubernetes clusters for bare metal, virtualized and cloud environments. Also, Rafay KOP’s Cluster Blueprints standardize and govern clusters and workload configurations across a fleet. Enterprises can detect, be notified, and/or block configuration changes to Kubernetes clusters.