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Rafay Systems Plans To Open Source Zero-Trust Access And GitOps Services


Rafay Systems has announced its plans to open source its Zero-Trust Access and GitOps services. Developers will be able to take advantage of, and contribute to, these battle-tested services that reduce the complexities associated with securing access to and automating the ongoing operations of Kubernetes infrastructure and modern applications.

These two services are the first of many that Rafay intends to open source over time.

By powering access to Kubernetes infrastructure from anywhere, Rafay’s Zero-Trust Access service: centralizes access control to entire fleets of Kubernetes clusters, regardless of where the user or system seeking access is located; secures kubectl access to all clusters with integrated enterprise RBAC/SSO; ensures compliance with internal security policies and industry regulations; and provides immutable audit trails of all user and system access.

GitOps is an efficient and effective approach to continuous deployment (CD) that leverages Git as a single source of truth for both infrastructure and applications. By being declarative, it provides for better standardization, enhanced security, and ultimately, improved productivity.

With Rafay’s GitOps Service, enterprises can: programmatically construct multi-stage pipelines for both applications and clusters; fully automate deployments and remove error prone, manual steps; guarantee that the desired state specified in your Git repos are instantly enforced on Kubernetes clusters; and implement easy-to-use controls enabling developers and operations teams to collaborate delivering modern applications faster without sacrificing enterprise-level governance.