Rancher Labs has announced the launch of a new Partner Program for the OEM and embedded community–the OEM and Embedded Alliances Program.

The program will enable original equipment manufacturers, ISVs, IHVs and cloud infrastructure partners to transform legacy compute and device management models into modern, microservices-based applications that run in heterogeneous environments – without having to invest in building their own Kubernetes and containerization capabilities.

NetApp is the first Rancher OEM and Embedded Alliances Program member to announce a solution. The company is now working with Kubernetes and Rancher to pioneer the next evolution of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) services.

The new program will help OEMs meet customers’ pent-up demand – allowing them to cost-effectively provision, manage and maintain their applications’ full lifecycle on any operating system, any Kubernetes distribution and any device without having to build their own platform.

The program provides technology companies the ability to improve IT operations, improve time to market and help manage their customers’ most critical assets, anywhere.

Whether operating in the retail, healthcare, energy, or finance sectors, the program will help OEMs of all kinds help their customers become more cloud-native and microservices-centric.

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