Red Hat has expanded its application services portfolio with the addition of Quarkus as a fully supported framework in Red Hat Runtimes.

By adding Quarkus as a supported runtime, Red Hat is helping to bring Java into the modern, cloud-native application development landscape and to approaches like microservices, containers and serverless, and enabling Java developers to continue working in the language they know and love.

As a full-stack, Kubernetes-native Java framework, Quarkus enables organizations to advance existing application environments and extend years of investment in Java for mission-critical systems. The open source project offers developers an adaptable development model that is designed to combine both imperative and reactive styles in a unified user experience.


  • Quarkus works with popular Java standards, frameworks, and libraries, alleviating the need to learn new APIs or switch to another programming language altogether.
  • Quarkus is tailored for a modern, Kubernetes-native development stack, enabling organizations to deliver business solutions faster and in a more streamlined manner.
  • Quarkus has a low memory consumption and a fast startup time. This translates into better resource utilization and end user experience, with new applications and services instantly available.
  • Quarkus applications are elastic, scalable, and able to meet changing demand, translating to a more reliable system.

Quarkus as a supported Red Hat Runtime is now generally available.

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