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Red Hat Expands Investment In Backstage Community With New Plug-ins


Red Hat has announced an expansion of its investment in the Backstage community with the donation of five new plug-ins, enabling organizations to more quickly and easily integrate capabilities from Azure Container Registry, JFrog Artifactory, Kiali, Nexus and 3scale into their DevOps pipelines. The contributions add to the five plug-ins already donated to the project by Red Hat, helping to further extend the project with greater customization options while maintaining a single unified developer experience.

Developers can now more easily and quickly add the following technologies to their application environments:

  • Azure Container Registry, a registry service that helps to simplify container image management, enhance security and support efficient deployment of containerized applications on Azure. The Azure Container Registry plug-in displays information about the container images available in Azure Container Registry.
  • JFrog Artifactory, an artifact repository manager that helps enable automated continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) processes. The JFrog Artifactory plug-in displays information about the container images within the JFrog Artifactory registry.
  • Kiali, an observability console for the open source Istio project, simplifies the management of complex microservices architectures by providing a user-friendly interface for configuring, visualizing, validating and troubleshooting a service mesh. The Kiali plug-in exposes information about the entity-specific service mesh objects.
  • Nexus, a repository manager used to store and manage binary components and artifacts used in the development process. The plug-in displays information about build artifacts that are available in the Nexus Repository Manager in a Backstage application.
  • 3scale, an application programming interface (API) infrastructure tool used to create, deploy, manage, monitor and scale APIs, enabling organizations to expose and manage their digital assets and services to internal and external developers, partners, and customers. The 3scale plug-in synchronizes 3scale content into the Backstage catalog.

The new plug-ins are available today, alongside other Backstage plug-ins previously donated by Red Hat, including Tekton, Quay, Keycloak, Open Cluster Manager, and Application Topology for Kubernetes.