Red Hat has joined forces with AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft to launch OperatorHub.io.

OperatorHub.io is designed to be the public registry for finding Kubernetes Operator backed services. At OperatorHub.io, developers and Kubernetes administrators can find curated Operator-backed services for a base level of documentation, active communities or vendor-backing to show maintenance commitments, basic testing, and packaging for optimized life-cycle management on Kubernetes.

With the introduction of OperatorHub.io, Red Hat aims to work across the industry to enable the creation of more Operators as well as the evolution of existing Operators.

Introduced by CoreOS in 2016, the Operator pattern enables a fundamentally new way to automate infrastructure and application management tasks using Kubernetes as the automation engine.

With Operators, developers and Kubernetes administrators can gain the automation advantages of public cloud-like services, including provisioning, scaling, and backup/restore, while enabling the portability of the services across Kubernetes environments regardless of the underlying infrastructure.

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