Enterprise customers can continue to look forward to choose from across multiple computing architectures, with the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux for ARM AMIs on Amazon EC2 A1 instances.

To put it in a quick way, customers trying to use a multi-architecture approach across the hybrid cloud can now benefit from the Linux platform to fuel their mission-critical workloads, even on Arm instances in AWS Cloud.

An official blog post explained that Red Hat Enterprise Linux for ARM, in essence, is still Red Hat Enterprise Linux as it continues to provide consistency across all footprints of the hybrid cloud. It can be managed via Red Hat Satellite, automated via Red Hat Ansible Automation and provides a familiar set of tools, commands and options that any Red Hat Enterprise Linux customer would usually expect for its production environments.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for ARM is said to provide developers with consistency, a stable set of runtimes and tools to port and build applications for the Arm architecture. This includes both Red Hat Software Collections and Red Hat Developer Toolset, which are said to deliver the stable, fully-open dynamic languages, databases, compilers and other tools for creating production applications in a supported environment.

In the initial phase, the company is making available the latest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (7.6) for Amazon EC2 A1 instances. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 for ARM Beta is also expected to be accessible soon.

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