Ahead of its merger with IBM, Red Hat has reported mixed fourth quarter results. For the final quarter of its fiscal 2019, the company registered a 14% YoY hike in revenue to $879 million. That’s just 1% shy of its projections.

Subscription revenue for the quarter was $774 million, up 13% year-over-year which implies that 88% of its quarterly revenue came from subscriptions.

Subscription revenue from infrastructure-related offerings for the quarter was $549 million, an increase of 8% YoY. And that from application development-related and other emerging technology offerings for the quarter was $225 million, up 30% YoY.

On the other hand, full fiscal 2019 revenue was $3.4 billion, up 15%, in the quarter ending February 28.

Jim Whitehurst, President and Chief Executive Officer of Red Hat, said that the total number of customers with active subscriptions greater than $5 million increased 33% year-over-year in fiscal year 2019. What contributed to that growth is the increasing number of Ansible and OpenShift customers, which now total more than 1,300 and 1,000, respectively, as of the end of fiscal year 2019.

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