Red Hat has announced the availability of Red Hat Universal Base Image on Docker Hub as “Verified Publisher” images. Red Hat Universal Base Images (UBI) are Open Container Initiative (OCI)-compliant, freely redistributable, container base operating system images that include complementary runtime languages and packages.

Previously, UBI could only be obtained from the Red Hat container catalog. Now, this availability is extended to Docker Hub, making it even easier for UBI-based containers to be built and deployed anywhere.

According to the company, this enables developers to access and use the only container image built from the tried, tested and trusted Linux platform used by more than 90% of the Fortune 500, with lifecycle support from Red Hat.

And, because UBI is freely distributable, containerized applications can be built, pushed to a wide range of registry servers, shared with other users and even deployed on non-Red Hat platforms.

UBI is available in a variety of configurations and sizes, each tailored for existing and emerging enterprise IT use cases. These variations include:

  • Standard, which provides the necessary runtimes and YUM repositories to build, deploy and share UBI-based containers.
  • Minimal, a UBI image that provides only the bare essentials needed for a lightweight Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based image.
  • Multi-service, designed for container images that are intended to run multiple application services by also including systemd.
  • Micro, newly-announced with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4 that delivers the smallest UBl footprint for edge computing and other remote applications

Red Hat UBI is now available as a Verified Publisher image on Docker Hub.

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