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Red Hat Virtualization 4.4 To Be Generally Available This Week


Red Hat has announced that Red Hat Virtualization 4.4, the latest update to its virtualization solution for traditional virtual machine (VM)-based workloads, will be generally available this week.

With this latest release, Red Hat Virtualization is now rebased to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2. It is said to offer a more seamless integration with Red Hat OpenShift, providing a solution that can launch the next-generation of cloud-native applications while providing a foundation for VMs today.

“Based on RHEL 8.2, Red Hat Virtualization 4.4 inherits all of the stability, performance and security improvements that you trust for your most business critical workloads while adding new capabilities that make it even easier to manage a large virtual environment,” the company said.

The latest version also features improved observability with new dashboards for the Data Warehouse (DWH) showing performance and capacity of all your critical inventory. According to the company, this leads to actionable results with unique analysis and trends of which workloads need attention, and when you need to add more hardware.

Other improvements for virtualization admin include easier network configuration with Network Manager.

Additionally, Red Hat Virtualization 4.4 can now manage virtual machines in OpenShift through OpenShift Virtualization, helping customers modernize their deployments on a Kubernetes-first platform.