Red Kubes has announced the open-sourcing of the Otomi Container Platform community edition as well as $1.45 million seed funding from venture capital firm Capital Mills.

The Otomi Container Platform community edition is a container platform curated with open-source applications and policies for better governance and security. It provides developers a mono repo with repeatable code that is easy to adapt, extend and configure.

According to the company, the Otomi Container Platform was created with the 12-factor app methodology to design a Kubernetes-based container management platform that embraces existing open-source projects while being open and flexible for inevitable change over time.

Otomi is extensible and can be easily installed on top of Kubernetes clusters in AWS, Azure, GCP, or even on-premises.

It features OSX-like interface, single-sign-on, multi-tenant onboarding, mCentral policy management, multi-cloud and multi-cluster, automatic deployment, and networking/service configuration.

The Otomi Container Platform community edition is now available.

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