In this episode of Let’s Talk, we sat down with Karen Gondoly, CEO at Leostream, a company that leverages open-source technologies to offer vendor-neutral VDI solutions to organizations of all sizes. The pandemic has created a massive demand for remote access to application environments so users can continue to work accessing enterprise applications remotely. In this interview, we talked about how the pandemic has changed the world around and also explored how Leostream helps organizations better manage their resources and also allows them to work with talented people all across the globe without any need for relocation.

Guest: Karen Gondoly (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Leostream (Twitter)
Show: Let’s Talk
Topics: Virtualization, Remote Work, Open Source, Linux

About the company: Leostream provides the critical connection-broker technology required for enterprises to achieve successful large-scale VDI, hosted desktop, or hosted application environments in both private and public clouds.

About the guest: Karen Gondoly joined Leostream from The MathWorks, Inc., a technical software company where she was a developer for the Control System Toolbox before specializing in usability. Her technical background includes roles as a software developer, GUI designer, technical writer, and usability specialist. Karen holds bachelor and master of science degrees in aeronautical/astronautical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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