Render Enjoys Unprecedented Growth, Expands Into Europe


Render is experiencing unprecedented growth and announced that it served more than one billion HTTP requests in April which is more than two times the number of requests in March.

Render even hosted a major presidential campaign. Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign was powered by Render.

Shreyes Seshasai, technical lead for the Pete Buttigieg presidential campaign, said: “We moved to Render from a major cloud provider because it was the best solution that could help our small team of four software engineers meet the massive scaling and flexibility needs of the campaign. We were able to deploy over 20 services on Render with their incredible platform and support, including our main website which reached tens of millions of Americans.”

To keep up with this growth and serve more customers, Render also launched early access to its first hosting region in Europe, delivering on the number one request from users.

Render’s first hosting region in Europe, which is in Frankfurt, Germany, reduces network latency for all Render customers with a Europe-based audience by as much as 70 percent. It also satisfies EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), making Render available for the first time to customers subject to GDPR.

Anurag Goel, Render’s founder and CEO said: “Render usage and revenue continue to increase faster than we’d ever imagined, and we’ve doubled our team to build on this momentum and support our users. Users trust us with their most critical workloads, especially as many more companies move to the cloud and to Render given the macro environment. As we expand Render to Europe and even more locations in the future, we maintain our relentless focus on UX, on meeting our customer needs and on keeping the cloud accessible and scalable for everyone.