Blockchain gateway provider Rivet has announced that it successfully defended against a week-long, persistent denial of service attack (DoS) conducted by a security research group based out of Syracuse University.

Rivet said that the company wanted to share this story to show people the critical importance of strong security in the blockchain space.

“Rivet’s technological innovations and our commitment to a high quality of service ensured that we survived these attacks with minimal disruption,” says Austin Roberts, CEO at Rivet. “Conventional Ethereum infrastructure would have buckled under these attacks.”

During a week-long barrage of attempted hacks day and night, the attackers are said to change techniques to circumvent preventative measures as the team put them in place.

The attacks were traced to Syracuse University’s Full-Stack Security Lab.

The professor in charge of the lab claimed that his lab was a “group of international academic researchers and ethical hackers” who intended “to discover bug/design flaws of your services and to facilitate mitigation design”.

Moreover, the researchers never sought permission or disclosed their findings until after they were identified and confronted by the Rivet team.

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