Steve Singh is stepping down as Docker CEO after two years at the helm. Hortonworks CEO Rob Bearden will be taking over to lead the company. Bearden is said to have been working closely with Singh over the last several months as a potential candidate to join the board and as a consultant to the executive team.

In his new role at Docker, Rob will accelerate Docker’s enterprise go-to-market strategy while continuing to fuel innovation in the technologies and products that drive digital transformation in an increasingly hybrid cloud world. Rob will also serve on Docker’s board of directors.

Bearden is best known as the CEO who led data processing startup Hortonworks to an IPO, and then later to its $5.2 sale to Cloudera, its main rival. He’s not considered one of Hortonworks’ official six technical cofounders, but Bearden joined the company right at its inception in 2011 and was the CEO for most of his time there.

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