Robin.io has announced a storage and data management solution for IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service (IKS). Robin Cloud Native Storage (CNS) is now available for IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, and will help clients address enterprise data management.

IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service is a managed Kubernetes offering built to deploy and manage containerized apps on IBM Cloud. The offering is designed to provide intelligent scheduling, self-healing, horizontal scaling and more to simplify management of Kubernetes and containerized applications.

Robin CNS is a purpose-built, container-native storage solution designed to bring advanced data management capabilities to Kubernetes. It is a high performance storage solution that can integrate with CSI and Kubernetes-native administrative tooling such as Kubectl, Helm Charts and Operators through standard APIs.

Robin CNS was engineered to simplify storage and data management to help enable developers to manage stateful applications – where data is saved in one session and can be used in the next session.

Key capabilities of Robin Cloud Native Storage include: high performance (2X-6X faster than competition); high availability with customizable failover domain; application-consistent snapshots to recover easily from user errors; application-consistent backups to recover easily from system failures; thin clones to collaborate faster across teams; and multi-cloud portability to easily migrate entire applications across clouds.

Robin.io is part of the IBM Cloud for Telecommunications Ecosystem, an initiative to help network equipment providers, independent software vendors (ISVs), software-as-a-service providers, and hardware partners accelerate business transformation by unlocking the power of 5G and edge.

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