The Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation (RESF) has announced the inaugural projects and project boards that will initiate the work of the foundation. The officially hosted projects—Rocky Linux and Peridot—were named and respective project boards were elected on January 16 at the first annual meeting of the newly elected RESF board.

The elections of the initial project boards were made in accordance with Section 5 of the RESF Foundation Bylaws. Quorum was achieved with no more than one-third of the board representing a single company, as required by Section 2.18 of the bylaws.

The Rocky Linux Project
Rocky Linux is an open source enterprise operating system designed to be 100% bug-for-bug compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

The Rocky Linux project carries four seats on the RESF board of directors. Taylor Goodwill, Neil Hanlon, Sherif Nagy and Christopher Stackpole will represent Rocky Linux with two-year seats (2023-2024) on the RESF board of directors, as elected by the Rocky Linux project board.

The Peridot Project
Peridot is an open source, cloud-native build and release system tailored to building, releasing and maintaining Enterprise Linux distributions and forks. Peridot helps assure that new versions of Rocky Linux can be released within one week of new RHEL version releases. Moreover, anyone can use Peridot to reproduce Rocky Linux on their own, should they wish to do something independently of the Rocky Linux community or any upstream supporting organization.

The Peridot project board of directors comprises Mustafa Gezen, Neil Hanlon and Sherif Nagy. The Peridot project carries one seat on the RESF board of directors; Gezen will represent Peridot with a two-year seat (2023-2024) on the RESF board, as elected by the Peridot project board of directors.

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