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Salesforce Launches Customer 360 Truth


Salesforce has introduced a new set of data and identity services to help companies build a single source of truth across all of their customer relationships. Called Customer 360 Truth, it is said to connect data from across sales, service, marketing, commerce and more to create a single, universal Salesforce ID for each customer.

Salesforce Customer 360 Truth is powered by the Cloud Information Model (CIM), an open source data model that standardizes data interoperability across cloud applications. The publication of CIM is enabled by MuleSoft’s open source modeling technology, providing multiple file formats to make it easy to adopt CIM with varying applications.

As the company puts it, Customer 360 Truth brings together all of a customer’s previous interactions and shared preferences to create a complete view so companies can better serve and even predict their needs, whether addressing a customer service problem, creating a personalized marketing journey, predicting the best sales opportunities or surfacing product recommendations.

Customer 360 Truth offers a number of services, including: Customer 360 Data Manager, Salesforce Identity for Customers, Customer 360 Audiences as well as Privacy and Data Governance.