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SapientAI, creator of AI Test Coder, emerged from stealth with $5 million in seed funding from 8VC, Correlation Ventures and GTMfund. SapientAI combines the power of generative AI with a code intelligence “co-pilot” to manage and generate test code for developers.

Led by CEO/founder Rishi Singh (co-founder of DevOps platform company Harness), AI Test Coder generates precise test code to help developers build products faster and ensure releases are consistent across all platforms – without compromising quality.

AI Test Coder is available for free to developers as an IDE plugin to help them focus on building great applications — not manually writing code. According to the company, it is the first and only test code generator to combine generative AI and code intelligence to provide software developers with a testing “co-pilot.” Far from only creating code, AI Test Coder ensures that the test code is correct, with no guesswork.

AI Test Coder works by:

  • Inspecting Code: AI Test Coder instantly inspects all software code to understand the full spectrum of the software testing environment for underlying issues. It identifies incorrect assumptions before generating any test code. The contextual analysis identifies costly errors and bugs before they wreak havoc across applications.
  • Predicting Code Issues: AI Test Coder leverages code intelligence to understand existing code and automatically identify patterns where new software issues may arise. It locates where code changes will have an effect before generating the test code. It eliminates wasted time spent manually debugging code and frees developers to build great applications.
  • Generating Test Code: Primed with code insights, AI Test Coder generates test code with a deep understanding of complex software environments for highly accurate and reliable tests. It knows what needs testing in each application, regardless of the environment. Developers don’t have to write and manage test codes repeatedly or resort to trial and error, as they would using only generative AI.

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