French-Canadian company Savoir-faire Linux has launched its first-ever commercial support offering for the Seapath project. This key initiative is being announced at two pivotal events in the energy industry: the LF Energy Summit in Paris (France), and the LF Energy Embedded Summit in Prague (Czech Republic).

“Facing the challenges posed by energy transition, management of electricity transmission and distribution networks will need rapid evolution,” explains Christophe Villemer, Executive Vice-President of Savoir-faire Linux. “As we strive for energy and industrial sovereignty, control architectures for electrical networks must adapt to accommodate renewable energy integration and new applications like electric mobility. SEAPATH, now ready for deployment, is set to facilitate this newfound flexibility. We’re witnessing a global trend where open source carves out a significant role in digital strategies for electric network operators – a shift also recommended by the International Energy Agency.

The SEAPATH virtualization platform (Software Enabled Automation Platform and Artifacts – THerein), initiated by Savoir-faire Linux in collaboration with the French TSO RTE, aims to develop a reference design and a real-time, industrial-grade open-source platform to run virtual automation and protection applications for the electricity network industry, and potentially beyond.

Hosted by the Linux Foundation, where Savoir-faire Linux plays a pivotal role as a key member, the LF Energy Summit is scheduled for June 1st and 2nd in Paris.

Following the LF Energy Summit, Savoir-faire Linux will head to Prague, to participate in the LF Energy Embedded Summit, taking place from June 27 to 30, 2023. This event will focus on embedded technologies and critical systems used in the energy industry. Savoir-faire Linux will share its expertise through presentations and technical discussions, while establishing strategic partnerships with key industry players.

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