Docker Inc. has launched the Docker Hub Index to track activity and innovation happening across the community and ecosystem.

According to Docker Index, there have been 8 billion pulls from the Docker Hub in the last month alone. This takes the total number of pulls to 30 billion overall. Further, 6 million repositories on Docker Hub are currently being accessed by 5 million users.

“As the Docker Index data suggests, containers have become a mainstay to how modern, distributed apps are built and shared so they can run anywhere,” shared John Kreisa, senior vice president of marketing, Docker Inc.

The Docker Index shows that data Docker Desktop and Docker Hub are reaching an increasing number of developers and users are engaging with content from Hub at higher rates. Content from community developers and open source projects continues to make Hub a central source for developers looking to build containerized applications, Kreisa added.

Docker Inc. plans to share updates on the Docker Index data over the course of this year.

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