Opsera has announced the availability of Opsera GitCustodian, which scans vulnerable data found in source code repositories (i.e., Git) and alerts security and DevOps teams so that they can prevent vulnerabilities from leaking into production. Once vulnerabilities are found, GitCustodian automates the remediation process for any uncovered secrets or other sensitive artifacts.

The “as-a-Service” (i.e. Platform-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Software-as-a-Service, etc.) trend is growing, and along with it comes a movement towards “everything as code.” However, as code scales, complexities scale with it – especially when it comes to security. Many Git users unknowingly keep sensitive data (i.e. secrets, passwords, certificates, keys, etc.) in source code repositories – if this data is pushed to production, it is at risk to be exposed to cyberattackers. To protect this data, Opsera’s GitCustodian provides proactive visibility into source code vulnerabilities and helps security and DevOps teams address them early on in the CI/CD process to ensure sensitive data is not stored or leaked into production.

Opsera GitCustodian offers comprehensive secrets detection as it uncovers a wide array of secrets and other sensitive data in source code with detectors based on multiple algorithms and industry-standard profiles.

It also helps you get a centralized snapshot in minutes of any vulnerable secrets and other sensitive artifacts at risk across version control systems.

Opsera GitCustodian also features a built-in vault that eliminates the friction of following secrets management best practices.

It notifies impacted teams to take immediate action without changing how or where they work with flexible alerting via email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jira and ServiceNow integrations.

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