Enterprise cloud-native infrastructure company Spectro Cloud has released a new, self-hosted version of Spectro Cloud.

Complementing its existing managed as-a-Service offering, self-hosted Spectro Cloud provides enterprises with a Kubernetes management option that can be deployed in any public cloud, private cloud, bare metal or in any combination.

Since Spectro Cloud launched in March this year, enterprises were looking for Spectro Cloud with an option that provides the same functionality as Spectro Cloud’s as-a-Service version but with greater control over the placement and operations of the management plane.

According to the company, these customers can now obtain the same flexible management at scale that Spectro Cloud provides with the enhanced security they desire, deployed under their direct control, hosted in their preferred way.

Spectro Cloud helps enterprises customize a Kubernetes infrastructure stack for specific business needs by using a declarative model to define cluster profiles.

Spectro Cloud uses these cluster profiles to automate deployment and maintenance of clusters across the enterprise.

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