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Sentry Helps Address Developer Actionability Gaps With New Performance Monitoring Capabilities


Sentry has announced a series of new capabilities to enhance its developer-centric performance monitoring, including Dynamic Sampling, Performance Issues, Real User Application Profiling, and Session Replay. With these new investments, Sentry is paving the way for a new approach to application monitoring that is intentionally developer-first, providing more control, transparency, and actionable data to monitor the overall health of applications.

According to the company, Dynamic Sampling puts control into the hands of developers to dial up or down the visibility into their application’s performance based on real-time business changes. This reduces noise, providing a more representative sample that allows teams to zero in on the events that matter most and more tightly control their monitoring costs.

Issues are no longer just bound to errors. Issues is evolving to support multiple kinds of issue types and this launch is the first step towards making that vision a reality. Performance Issues now surfaces the most critical performance problems in applications, and just like Error Issues, they capture and group unique problems together and provide actionable context so developers can solve them faster.

Also, Profiling provides an additional layer of awareness by identifying the exact functions and lines that are consuming resources on a user’s device. This helps developers find and solve latency issues faster. Profiling is now available for Android and iOS, with plans to expand to backend languages and frameworks.

Session Replay bridges the gap between code and user experience by providing developers a visual replay to surface the cause of an error or latency issue. With the ability to rewind and replay every step of the user journey, before and after they encountered an issue, developers can get to the root cause, faster, decreasing time to resolution.

Dynamic Sampling, Performance Issues, and Real User Application Profiling is available in Open Beta. Session Replay is currently in Closed Beta.