Sentry, the developer-first application monitoring platform, has announced enhancements to its Performance offering to help auto-detect and alert developers on common performance issues for frontend, backend, and mobile. The platform continues to redefine application monitoring by addressing the developers neglected by legacy APM tools. Sentry’s latest Performance features provide visual insights into developer code changes and continue to focus on providing more actionable resolution for common development issues compared with traditional APM or observability tooling.

With nearly 290% growth in customer usage of Performance to date, Sentry is also increasing the accessibility and scalability of its tool with a more affordable model.

Performance Issues: Since the beta launch of this new feature in October, Sentry has captured over 205,000 performance issues for its customers, reducing application response times by up to 90%. Today, in an effort to make critical latency issues more actionable, Sentry is the only solution to auto detect and alert developers on common performance issues for frontend, backend, and mobile applications.
OpenTelemetry: Sentry’s OpenTelemetry integration extends our commitment to the open source community and standards. Developers using OTel to collect performance data can use Sentry to easily visualize where and why their code is performing poorly.
Session Replay: Sentry’s Session Replay allows developers to see video-like reproductions of performance issues inside Sentry without having to recreate a customer’s environment, reducing time to resolution from days to minutes. With one of the strongest out-of-the-box privacy controls, developers can rewind and replay issues faster without worrying about sensitive information leaving the customer’s browser.

With today’s announcement, customers who upgrade will see a 20% or more reduction on their existing monthly costs, making Sentry one of the most affordable and accessible APM tools for developers in the market.

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