Shipa has announced the general availability of Shipa Cloud. The new cloud-managed platform offers developers, platform engineers, and DevOps teams a faster, simpler, and more productive way to manage and support cloud native applications – and do so without Kubernetes expertise.

Shipa Cloud provides a secure developer-centric platform for managing and operating applications on Kubernetes, including the automatic creation and deployment of all required Kubernetes objects. The platform works within the application layer, ensuring developers can see an application’s entire context without ever interacting with the infrastructure or even needing to know that Kubernetes is under the hood.

With a control plane hosted by Shipa, Shipa Cloud enables DevOps teams to automatically enforce all necessary rules and governance, and plug into their existing stack across ingress, monitoring, alerts, and more.

Shipa Cloud works well with the tools that developer and DevOps teams are already using. An ever-expanding roster of integrations includes HashiCorp Vault, Datadog, JFrog, CircleCI, Traefik, and Istio, among many others.

Shipa Cloud enables developers to try all features free for two weeks, including audit reports, unlimited application deployment, unlimited Kubernetes clusters, CSI integration for persistent applications, APM management, and much more.

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