Shopafor Utilizes AI To Make Gift Recommendations


Say hello to the new online platform dedicated to helping families and friends buy and receive the perfect gifts. Shopafor utilizes advanced algorithms to provide gift recommendations and make gifting a fun, social experience.

As the company puts it, Shopafor utilizes data and insights via AI to understand the wants and needs of the gift recipient to create a unique algorithm that significantly increases a gift giver’s likelihood of buying the perfect gift. Right now, most gift giving recommendations rely on the buyer to know what the recipient likes best.

However, what if you are shopping for your child’s classmate that you do not know well? The technology behind Shopafor removes the guesswork, potential embarrassment and exhaustive effort of finding the perfect gifts for children of all ages.

It combines the best and most helpful features of gift buying, like registries and reminders, into one place to make everything easy and even fun, the company added.