Shortcut Announces Team-To-Workflow Feature To Take Product Collaboration To The Next Level


Shortcut, formerly Clubhouse, has announced new Team-to-Workflow functionality, bringing it one step closer to realizing its vision of uniting the whole organization around building better software products.

The Team-to-Workflow functionality empowers users to focus on their work without having to waste time on manually updating processes. Customers can standardize workflows across multiple teams, while each team also has the option to further customize default workflows if they have unique processes. As work gets created and assigned, it automatically moves into the team’s preferred workflows to save users time.

This new functionality also sets the foundation for future features that increase visibility into a team’s progress and capacity.

According to the company, the release creates thoughtful relationships between features, adding functionality and advancing the Shortcut data model to make their software more powerful without piling on excess feature bloat.

Shortcut believes that project management and collaboration should be as powerful and easy for an organization of 500 people as it is for an organization of 5, and this release represents their next step in the continued realization of that goal.