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Should Linode Be Considered An ISP?


Looking at all the networking capabilities Linode provides to its users, will it be unfair to say that Linode can be seen as an ISP? Dan Spataro, Vice President Of Infrastructure Operations at Linode, joins me to answer that question.

Guest:  Dan Spataro
Company: Linode
Show: Let’s Talk

[expander_maker] I think it does. Because we have to manage, you know, all the variables ourselves, we can’t leave anything up to chance. So we have to be able to, you know, take the packet from the lowest level on the VM and deliver all the way to the destination is going to on the internet. So we have to make sure that we have control over all the variables, we’re able to control as many variables as possible, we can control the destiny of the customer. from a network perspective, we can make sure we are delivering these packets, the most efficient way possible, either that’s on our own network, or externally with our peering partners, paid and private.