Guest: Ramiro Berrelleza (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Okteto (Twitter)

Okteto is making it easier for teams to develop microservice-based applications by removing some of the main pain points of cloud services with Kubernetes. It helps make Kubernetes accessible to people without needing to be an expert in all areas and it provides tools to help teams work more effectively together.

In this episode of TFiR Let’s Talk, Swapnil Bhartiya sits down with Ramiro Berrelleza, CEO and Co-Founder of Okteto, to discuss how their platform is helping customers manage the complexity of Kubernetes and the benefits that it is bringing to the entire development process.

Key highlights from this video interview:

  • Berrelleza discusses how Okteto is helping companies deliver software faster and more efficiently.
  • Many companies are still in the early stages of cloud-native transformation. For some, such as global banks, moving from legacy systems is a 5-10-year process towards microservices and Kubernetes.
  • Applications have become bigger, more complex, and do more things, which have impacted the role of software engineers. Instead of knowing everything, engineers now fall into highly specialized teams. Berrelleza discusses how they are providing companies with tools to help their teams work together effectively.
  • Silos still exist, but modern tools like Okteto are helping to create transversal teams, enabling members to do things self-service and not have to wait for somebody else to come and unblock them. Berrelleza explains how this is proving particularly effective in large organizations like traditional banks.
  • Okteto hides the complexity so that not everyone needs to be an expert in all areas of Kubernetes. Berrelleza discusses the need to make it more approachable for companies, teams, and developers that are new to the cloud-native world.
  • While applications have become more scalable and resilient, there are more things to manage such as multiple services and multiple databases. Berrelleza explains how Okteto’s platform helps developers ship value faster, iterate sooner and with less friction.
  • Developer experience is getting more attention. Berrelleza discusses the need to innovate and create a better experience because the more effective engineers are, the better the business is going to run.
  • Okteto is a self-hosted platform. Customers can either run it on their own infrastructure or by using Okteto’s cloud service. It enables teams of all sizes to deploy and manage cloud development environments by moving everything that is run on a local machine into Kubernetes. Berrelleza explains the details of the platform and how it is helping reduce production issues by 50%.
  • Berrelleza describes how one of their customers, Monday.com, is using Okteto to launch an entire copy of Monday.com with one click, meaning, developers can take the code, put it in the replicated environment, and try whatever they want without any fear of breaking production or affecting somebody else.

The summary of the show is written by Emily Nicholls.

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