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Slim.AI Adds Cloud-Native All Stars To Its Advisory Board


Slim.AI has added some of the most influential voices in cloud-native application development to its newly launched strategic advisory board. The enthusiasm of these industry leaders in joining the advisory board underscores the critical need for what Slim.AI is building: a cloud-native developer platform that automates container best practices and streamlines container lifecycle management.

The goal is to help application developers accelerate and automate the production, operation and management of containerized applications.

Providing strategic counsel and insight to Slim.AI, the advisors are: Kelsey Hightower, Geva Solomonovich, Kit Merker, Ellen Chisa, Tapasvi Moturu, Brendan O’Leary, Martin (Marty) Brodbeck, Ambrosia Vertesi, Dheeraj Khanna, Biswa Panda, Rachael McCarthy, and Jono Bacon.

“This advisory board is an All Star team of DevOps,” said John Amaral, CEO and co-founder of Slim.AI who points out that the advisors are actively engaged in all aspects of the product development process for the company.

The group brings experience from industries including hyperscale cloud, developer-first, enterprise software, networking, SaaS (Software as a Service) and security.

Slim.AI is preparing for the fall launch of its SaaS platform designed to enable consistently applied container best practices for developers and DevOps teams throughout their organizations.

Read more about the Slim.AI advisory board here.