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0 launched with its cloud-based DevOps automation platform built specifically for software developers. also announced that it has raised $6.6 million in seed funding from Boldstart Ventures, Decibel Partners, FXP Ventures and TechAviv Founder Partners. plans to use this funding to expand DockerSlim’s feature set, support its growing open source developer community and deliver on its core platform. provides new capabilities and streamlined workflows that help developers accelerate and automate the production, operation and management of containerized applications.

According to the company, the key to’s automation is its novel “application intelligence.”’s platform analyzes and understands application composition and behavior by observing and interpreting how containers (and sets of containers) are constructed and run.

Application intelligence works by employing a combination of run-time and static container analysis and specialized container build and optimization engines.

The platform offers visualizations and analysis that give developers deep insight into containerized applications. It also offers integrated workflows that can automate common container-related tasks such as selecting and building container images, managing container size, removing vulnerabilities and generating security profiles.

The platform integrates with CI/CD pipelines, container registries and code repos to access Docker containers and related source-code files as inputs.

The new platform augments and expands the capabilities of the popular open source DockerSlim product.