Snowplow has partnered with Databricks to enable data teams to build powerful, data-driven applications and composable customer data platforms (CDPs).

With the new partnership, joint customers and the open source community can integrate and build powerful data-driven applications and composable customer data platforms (CDPs) with Snowplow’s AI-ready, behavioral data in real-time on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform.

In addition, data teams can now access Snowplow’s new custom-built web models and leverage behavioral data to power AI/ML data applications, advanced analytics and automate insight as part of a composable CDP, directly from their Databricks Lakehouse.

Through the new partnership, users can achieve the competitive advantage of AI by having access to a consistent level of high-quality data required to build AI/ML data applications within Databricks without preparation. This is because Snowplow’s approach to “Data Creation” removes the need for extensive data preparation, empowering data science teams to manage end-to-end behavioral data creation, instead of spending the majority of their time cleaning and preparing data.

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