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Snyk Container Lets Developers Build And Run Secure Containers


Snyk has made available Snyk Container, a stand-alone product to help developers with an easy and scalable approach to finding and fixing container vulnerabilities.

Snyk Container, as the company puts it, helps developers deal with the massive volume of vulnerabilities found in container images and Kubernetes workloads. It not only helps in identifying the vulnerabilities, but also solving the bigger challenge of fast and intelligent remediation.

When combined with Snyk Open Source for securing third party application dependencies, Snyk Container is said to provide developers with a complete solution for securing each stage of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) from development to production.

Moreover, Snyk Container is claimed to be the only SaaS solution designed to help developers and DevOps teams analyze their container images, identify exactly where vulnerabilities are coming from and provide immediate remediation steps to improve overall security posture, as early in the development process as possible.

By integrating directly with developer workflows and existing tools, from source control, to CI/CD, container registries and Kubernetes, Snyk Container offers developers the tools they need to build and secure containers as they go.